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LED Letters
Whether you are looking for high-quality lighting letters or logos, our experienced team can bring your company’s look to life.
NES Light uses the best materials and advanced processes to help make your property stand out.
Signage can extend your brand image, and there are so many ways to be creative with how you communicate your brand and your message to visitors.
Our team is ready to help you leave a lasting impression through your signs and graphics.
Lumi Letters Channel
- NES Lights Lumi Letter is comes out as a finished product, It doesn't need to extra assemble or weld.
- Creates clean trimless, infinity edge look on sign face so favored by high-end retails or architectural environments.
- Optimized light diffusion technology makes the signage slimer and  outshines conventional channel letter signs.
- Offering excellent resistance to corrosion, also available and recommended for more harsh environments, such as coastal areas.
- The LED technology used illuminates a crisper brightness while saving more energy to that of the traditional lights.
Lumi Letters Lamiera
- Combined with NES Light’s Tracer LEDs, its optimized light diffusion technology outshines conventional channel letter signs.
- Lumi Letters Lamiera used aluminum for backsheet, because it’s lightweight and a great material option for signage.
- Lumi Letters Lamiera is very versatile as there are different finishes, and aluminum back sheet can also be anodized custom colors.
- Anodizing protects against corrosion along with allowing coloring so it’s a good option for outdoor signs.
- LED Neon Sign is more lightweight and durable than traditional gas neon signs, so it is easy to move and installation.
- It has a maximum input power of 12 volts, It will never be having electric shock.
- LED Neon Signs doesn't have harmful gasses or breakage glass and no annoying buzzing sound.
- Approximately 5-10% brighter than traditional gas neon signs.
- LED Neon signs have a long life time span & are energy efficient and usually, the lifetime of light lasts a minimum of 30,000 hours.
Design & Installations
You can not underestimate the importance high quality lighting has on the success and the perception of a business.
From creating an engaging atmosphere to sell your products and service to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, high quality lighting design is essential.
Our experience lighting designers make your business our business.
We take the time to understand your lighting requirements and design a lighting plan to make your business a success.
Visual documentation is the best way for all collaborators to envision the end result.
NES Light understands the importance of this; we have a team experienced in reading blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams.
We highlight which products to use, how many power supplies and connectors you will need, where they should be placed, and other key information directly on the
documents you provide, to make it easy for you.