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Digital LED Billboard Signage Rental
Keep your event fresh and full of life with our innovative solutions for connecting with your audience.
More and more clients are turning to Digital Signage to capture their attendees’ attention.
NES Light is one of the largest national providers of Digital Signage rental solutions to the Event Industry.
Let our digital, eye catching and unique messaging technology differentiate you at your next event!
If you would like to rent, purchase or integrate, please contact us for a full service solution!
SMD - Digital LED Signs
- Optimizes screen contrast to create deeper blacks and purer whites, resulting in vivid image expression and superior texture.
- FullColor technology increased the number of color adjustment points by a factor of seven, resulting in a rich & detailed range of colors.
- Digital LED Sings combine top-tier diodes with exclusive proprietary technology to deliver already incredibly life-like picture quality.
- Fabricated with top-tier diodes, Digital LED Sign boasts a deeper contrast and a wider viewing angle.
- Able to deliver high-quality, synchronized content to multiple screens quickly and conveniently.
Image by Andre Benz

Custom Specifications

If you or your client is looking for a customized tape light or strip light with a specific Color Rendering Index (CRI) or Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need for your project.
Our custom services give you the ability to specify the following for special orders:

• Color Rendering Index (CRI):

CRI is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to accurately represent color as it would appear in daylight.
Our linear lighting portfolio ranges from 70-90+ CRI, with the ability to optimize the CRI for any indoor or outdoor applications.

• Correlated Color Temperature (CCT):

CCT describes the color of light produced by a white light source, and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale to describe the relative color appearance or warmth/coolness of white light.
Our linear lighting products are available in color temperatures from 2000K to 6500K.
If you need a specific CCT with a specific lumen output, we will customize a solution for you.

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