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Furniture Lighting
​Special design for display, cabinet and furniture lighting.
Easy for installation and replacement.
We have everything you need to light your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, display cases and other lighting applications.
Our large selection of cabinet lighting and accessories includes LED lighting, halogen lighting, under-cabinet lighting, closet lighting, accent lighting, transformers, dimmers, replacement bulbs, connectors and switches, task lighting, under shelf lighting and floor lighting.
Cabinet Track Lights
Mini Spot light with 24V power track Suitable for furniture and showcase application Just plug into the track system available in black color
Lumi Sticks
custom led Linear is ideal for demanding retail, food service and utility applications such as consumer retail, restaurant menu boards, movie poster displays, jewelry stores, trade shows, office lobbies and conference, hanging from overhead.
Flex LED Neons
- Flex LED Neon is more lightweight and durable than traditional gas neon signs, so it is easy to move and installation.
- Flex LED Neon have a long life time span & are energy efficient and usually, the lifetime of light lasts a minimum of 30,000 hours.
Design & Installations
You can not underestimate the importance high quality lighting has on the success and the perception of a business.
From creating an engaging atmosphere to sell your products and service to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, high quality lighting design is essential.
Our experience lighting designers make your business our business.
We take the time to understand your lighting requirements and design a lighting plan to make your business a success.
Visual documentation is the best way for all collaborators to envision the end result.
NES Light understands the importance of this; we have a team experienced in reading blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams.
We highlight which products to use, how many power supplies and connectors you will need, where they should be placed, and other key information directly on the
documents you provide, to make it easy for you.