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Engraving & Cutting
We provide a range of CNC services, including metal laser cutting, CO2 acrylic cutting and engraving, and CNC router cutting and engraving, across the country, with a focus on New York.
By transferring a digital image or design to a milling machine, we can engrave or cut the desired shape into different materials, providing versatility for various applications.
CNC Engraving
Our CNC Engraving services involve sending a digital design or image to a milling machine which engraves the material to the desired depth. This process can be used for a variety of materials and applications.
CNC Cutting
Similarly, our CNC Cutting services use a milling machine to cut through materials to create the desired shape or design. This process can also be used for a variety of materials and applications.
Custom L.G.P Light Guide Panel
Our Custom L.G.P Light Guide Panel uses an exclusive 3D V-cutting LGP technology that integrates high-brightness LEDs and heat sinks into the light guide plate, making it possible to create frameless, rectangular, or custom-shaped LED light panels. With this technology, there are limitless possibilities for various applications.