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Sports Lighting
NES Light specializes in both indoor and outdoor energy efficient LED  tennis lighting solutions.
Our team has been providing tennis court lighting fixtures and design for 20+ combined years.
All of our tennis fixtures are  specifically designed for tennis and to deliver High Definition performance.
Choose your lighting preference below for more information then contact us  for a free no obligation quote.
New Generation of
Outdoor Tennis Lighting
Outdoor tennis lighting is evolving very quickly with the advancements of new technology. Gone are the days of the 1,000-watt metal halides that took 10+ minutes to start up and the high maintenance cost due to the very short lamp life of the halides. NES Light is taking outdoor tennis lighting to new levels offering more energy efficient options than any other company. From budget minded lighting solutions to tournament facility outdoor tennis lighting, we have the technology and experience to fulfill your sports lighting needs.
LED Indoor Tennis Lighting
NES Light Direct-Indirect tennis lighting systems are watt for watt the most efficient and highest performance tennis lighting available today. With 35%-40% indirect (Uplight) this makes for whole room illumination. In the pictures above and the videos below pay special attention to how well the ceiling, floor and walls are all evenly illuminated. If the entire room is illuminated that means the ball is illuminated throughout its flight.
Our Technology
All of NES Light Sports and Tennis Lighting fixture are designed and engineered specifically for the individual sports application to deliver superior performance while delivering the latest lamp technologies.  NES Light Direct-Indirect lighting systems can be designed to deliver light levels from Professional 100+ foot-candles to recreational 40-50 foot-candles. Unlike other so called tennis lighting suppliers who likely offers a one fixture fits all (warehouse/office fixture) solution, with more than 12 different fixture designs exclusively for tennis, we are the only supplier that can offer you a full range of solutions regardless of your lighting requirement. Having designed tennis lighting for 15 years we are the gold standards for tennis lighting solutions.
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