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Sports Lighting
NES Light is a trusted expert in both indoor and outdoor LED tennis lighting solutions, providing high-quality fixtures and design services.
Our tennis lighting fixtures are specifically engineered to deliver superior High Definition performance for a great tennis experience.
New Generation of
Outdoor Tennis Lighting
For outdoor tennis lighting, we offer energy-efficient options that outperform traditional 1,000-watt metal halides, which are costly and have short lamp life. Our outdoor tennis lighting solutions range from budget-friendly options to tournament facility-level lighting. With our cutting-edge technology and experience, we are committed to fulfilling all your sports lighting needs.
LED Indoor Tennis Lighting
For indoor tennis lighting, our Direct-Indirect LED lighting systems are the most efficient and highest-performing tennis lighting available. With 35%-40% indirect (uplight), our lighting provides whole-room illumination that evenly illuminates the ceiling, floor, and walls. This means the ball is illuminated throughout its flight, ensuring excellent visibility.
Our Technology
All NES Light Sports and Tennis Lighting fixtures are designed and engineered specifically for each sport's individual needs, delivering superior performance with the latest lamp technologies. We offer a full range of solutions for all lighting requirements, with more than 12 different fixture designs exclusively for tennis. With over 15 years of experience in tennis lighting design, we are the gold standard in tennis lighting solutions.
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