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Lighting Solution
At our company, we take pride in being your trusted technology partner, offering both custom and commodity LED illumination products to suit your unique needs.
Our products are well-known internationally and have been used by retail, airport, commercial, and OEM clients. Contact us to explore our LED solutions that range from white light options to full color-changing systems in various shapes and form factors.
Channel Letter LEDs
Our engineers follow a "Design-to-Package" process to ensure that our products meet our clients' expectations. We prioritize quality control to produce high-end products that satisfy our clients.
Edge-Lit LEDs
Designed with multiple optic design techniques, our Edge-Lit LEDs have high light transmittance PMMA lenses and a 45 x 15 degree beam angle, providing double-sided light boxes with little light dots and excellent lighting efficiency.
Direct-Lit LEDs
Our Direct-Lit LEDs are bright, lightweight, and produce hot-spot free lighting due to their 170° beam spread diffusers. They are scalable to any size and can be ordered as single or double-sided.
LED Tube Lights
Our high-quality LED modules are trusted globally, with strict quality control and automated production facilities that result in a nearly 0% defect rate. We offer a wide range of products with varied price and performance options.