Lighting Solution
We strive to be "Your Technology Partner" by offering custom and commodity LED illumination products.
With our national and international clientele, you have probably seen our products; from our retail, airport, and commercial customers to our OEM relationships.
Please contact us and give us an opportunity to provide you with an LED solution for your signage and lighting needs from white light options to full color changing systems in various form factors and shape.
Channel Letter LEDs
In order to provide quality products and services that best satisfy and meet our customers’ expectations, we place our clients’ needs first.
Our engineers are responsible for the entire process of “Design-to-Package”, a system that includes product quality control, in ensuring
that we supply first-rate end-products by managing and supervising all production processes to achieve our goals and values.
Edge-Lit LEDs
- Designed with multiple optic design technique, high light transmittance PMMA lens, 45 x 15 degree beam angle for double sided light box.
- There are little light dots in the signs or light boxes, as well as lighting average better than the other mid-power modules in lighting efficiency.
- Also the special circuit designed for the LED is made of constant current driving, greatly reducing the fluctuating power efficiency.
Direct-Lit LEDs
- In addition to being bright and lightweight, Direct-Lit LED creates smooth, hot-spot free lighting.
- This is due to Direct-Lit LED’s diffusers that have a 170° beam spread.
- This backlighting solution is also versatile. It can be ordered single or double sided, and is scalable to any size.
LED Tube Lights
High-quality modules that are trusted globally Strict Quality Control for products that are always reliable Automated production facilities with nearly 0% defect rate Wide range of products with varied price and performance options
Bendable LED Strips
- Bendable LED strip, widely used for channel letter, backlighting Can be curved freely and fixed on the uneven surface.
- Every 3-LEDS cuttable without damaging the rest strips, with 3M adhesive tape on the back which can be fixed easily.
- Easy installation, low power consumption, super-bright Energy saving and environmental friendly.
Flex LED Neons
- Flex LED Neon is more lightweight and durable than traditional gas neon signs, so it is easy to move and installation.
- Flex LED Neon have a long life time span & are energy efficient and usually, the lifetime of light lasts a minimum of 30,000 hours.
Design & Installations
You can not underestimate the importance high quality lighting has on the success and the perception of a business.
From creating an engaging atmosphere to sell your products and service to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, high quality lighting design is essential.
Our experience lighting designers make your business our business.
We take the time to understand your lighting requirements and design a lighting plan to make your business a success.
Visual documentation is the best way for all collaborators to envision the end result.
NES Light understands the importance of this; we have a team experienced in reading blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams.
We highlight which products to use, how many power supplies and connectors you will need, where they should be placed, and other key information directly on the
documents you provide, to make it easy for you.