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Custom signage, banners, and graphics can not only attract attention, but also provide protection and help businesses stand out from competitors.
NES Light can help achieve visual communication goals, offering a range of services including vehicle wraps, magnetic signs, custom trade show displays, business directories, and more. Their graphics experts can assist with creating, managing, and implementing custom graphic solutions.
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When it comes to awnings, NES Light provides prompt and quality service to ease concerns regarding installation, removal, maintenance, storage, and unexpected emergency repairs.
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Solar System

Solar lights are a cost-effective solution for sign lighting, as they can be set for dusk to dawn operation without motion sensors or timers, working over 350+ days a year.
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Show Booth

For trade show exhibits, NES Light can provide simple and small displays, custom and elaborate displays, or anything in between, trusting their expertise to achieve the vision for the exhibit.
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Our team has a reputation in the industry for creating remarkable events that embody your unique vision through our expertly crafted, customized, and elegant design elements.
Design & Installations
NES Light understands that high-quality lighting design is crucial for the success and perception of a business. Our team of experienced lighting designers takes the time to understand your unique lighting requirements and develop a customized lighting plan to make your business stand out. We provide visual documentation such as blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Our team highlights which products to use, the number of power supplies and connectors needed, and where they should be placed for a successful lighting installation. Trust NES Light to design and install a lighting system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
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