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Image by Steven Ramon
Architectural Lighting

NES Light offers lighting designers unparalleled creative flexibility for specialized, small- to large-scale installations, all while maintaining energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our cutting-edge lighting systems are designed to provide maximum versatility, allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting for any space or project.

Elevate the appearance of your business and create a memorable customer experience with interior and exterior lighting designs. Our team of experienced professionals at NES Light offers a wide range of architectural lighting systems that can be customized to fit your unique spaces and creative vision. From custom installations to pre-fabricated fixtures, we work closely with our clients to create stunning lighting displays that will enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of any space.
Lumi Sticks
Our custom linear LED Lumi sticks are versatile and perfect for paneling, illuminating steps and ceilings, display items, and sleek, subtle designs. They are a great addition to any retail, food service, professional venue, or office space.
Lumi Lighting
Lumi Lighting
Our Lumi Lighting system, based on linear LED light design, brings brightness and flexibility to large spaces. With various accessories available, we can achieve more creative styles to suit your needs.
Linear Curved
Linear Curved
LED Linear Curved systems, transform the 2D to 3D and accommodate unique lighting installments, revolutionizing lighting design.
Flex LED Neon
Our Flex LED Neon lights provide the flexibility of curved lighting with an expansive color palette. They are more lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient than traditional gas neon signs, making them a popular choice for any lighting project.