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NES Light provides key project plan support services to save you time and labor costs for each and every project.
Visual documentation is the best way for all collaborators to envision the end result.
NES Light understands the importance of this, we have a team experienced in reading blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams.
We highlight which products to use, how many power supplies and connectors you will need, where they should be placed, and other key information directly on the documents you provide, to make it easy for you.
When you do a project with NES Light, you get;
• Project quotes tailored to large-scale and complex projects, Also blueprints and architectural drawing support.
• Cut, soldering, and factory-finish custom lengths of in-stock strip light and tape light.
• Assistance with DMX and RGB color changing configurations and programming.
• Our LED program uses industry-leading software to streamline the process and determine the type and quantity of LED modules required for the job.
• Technical review assuring that the products and configurations provided meet customer requirements and technical specifications.
• Timely and accurate estimates for competitive bids Project Support.
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Custom Specifications

If you or your client is looking for a customized tape light or strip light with a specific Color Rendering Index (CRI) or Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need for your project.
Our custom services give you the ability to specify the following for special orders:

• Color Rendering Index (CRI):

CRI is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to accurately represent color as it would appear in daylight.
Our linear lighting portfolio ranges from 70-90+ CRI, with the ability to optimize the CRI for any indoor or outdoor applications.

• Correlated Color Temperature (CCT):

CCT describes the color of light produced by a white light source, and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale to describe the relative color appearance or warmth/coolness of white light.
Our linear lighting products are available in color temperatures from 2000K to 6500K.
If you need a specific CCT with a specific lumen output, we will customize a solution for you.

Custom Designs

Our designs can be completely customized from our gallery of templates or custom-made just for you using our free design services and professional graphic designers.
Our powerful online design tool allows you to upload your own file or idea to build your own display or systems.
Our broad selection of custom designs provides numerous options for both temporary and permanent solutions that will grow your business and enhance your home.

• Individually For Your Design

When we say custom made, we mean it, Have the complete freedom to build a design that is 100% unique to you and your projects.
Select your favorite idea, customize it to fit your style, and blend it into your space.
You can mix and match from our broad range of sustainable products and smart control solutions.
Create a project that is exclusive to you with our customizable features like size, material, and modules.

• Design Experience

You can collaborate with a designer in real-time and create your own personal favorite.
See it transform before your very eyes with you can always visit our stores for the expert guidance of our designers.
We are happy to assist you in any step of your experience while you drink your cup of coffee with delight. 
It’s all made individually, right from the start, just for you.

Image by Balázs Kétyi

Lighting Installation

In terms of function, safety and aesthetics, commercial outdoor lighting is an important part of your property from lighting the parking lot to your company's signage to it's entrance way.
Our lighting designers understand that the public's perception of your business at night is often a critical factor to its success and plan the appropriate lighting to help your company prosper.

• Update Living Area with New Lights

Let us add contemporary lighting to dramatically improve the appearance of your home or workspace.
LEDs, Fluorescents, Track Lighting, Floor & Table Lamps, Low-Voltage Lights, Recessed Lights, Ceiling & Wall Lights

• Commercial Lighting

You can not underestimate the importance high quality lighting has on the success and the perception of a business.
From creating an engaging atmosphere to sell your products and service to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, high quality lighting design is essential.
Our experience lighting designers make your business our business.
We take the time to understand your lighting requirements and design a lighting plan to make your business a success.

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