NC LED Tube Light 4FT

High-quality modules that are trusted globally
Strict Quality Control for products that are always reliable
Automated production facilities with nearly 0% defect rate
Wide range of products with varied price and performance options

T8 LED Tube Light

UL Listed, NSF Certified and LM80 verified, these LED T8 tubes are designed
to provide appropriate light levels while utilizing a dedicated internal driver and
non-shunted G13 medium bi-pin lamp holders.

Channel Letter LED

NC LED's high performance wide angle model

Edge-Lit LED

Edge lit led module with

optical lens

Direct-Lit LED

In addition to being bright and lightweight

LED Tube Light

High-quality modules that are trusted globally

Bendable LED

Can be curved freely and fixed on the uneven surface

LED Neon

LED Neon in a choice of color and ultra Bright