Architectural Lighting

Systems give lighting designers all the creative flexibility they could wish for,

and at the same time offer enormous savings in an energy use.

Architectural Custom Lighting

Installation Image & Products


From skyscrapers to waterfalls and all of the homes and landscapes in between, enhance the visual impact of your outdoor space with Exterior Lighting options.


Command the aura of your room with creative Ceiling Lighting. No look from starry skies to stretch is out of reach, your imagination is the only limit.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your outdoor living space. With options such as recessed and rope, add drama and beauty with Deck Lighting.


Open your mind and design to the modern concept of Floor Lighting.
A myriad of options are available to bring your space to life.


Light up your whole life with Furniture Lighting. Beds, closets, kitchens, bookcases … nothing is off limits for your luxurious lifestyle.

Garden & Patio

Showcase the fruits of your labor with flood lights, spot lights, and more.
Give your garden/patio the attention it deserves with the lighting to match.

Indoor Handrail

Practical does not have to be boring. Light up areas of your home to add flair never imagined.

Indoor Stairs

Bring elegance into your home with Stairs Lighting customized to meet your lifestyle - you don’t know what you’re missing.